Environmental Law and the Law Governing Industrial Facilities

Over the years, environmental law has become a central area of our practice. Starting with our involvement in civil society out of conviction, environmental law is now an integral part of our legal repertoire. We are well versed in international as well as Austrian law, and we are also familiar with political and legal frameworks such as „Fit for 55“, the efforts of the EU and its member states in climate protection or in the field of taxonomy.

We advise and represent companies, citizens and municipalities in environmental law proceedings, whether under the Environmental Impact Assessment Act or under substantive laws such as the Industrial Code, the Water Act, the Waste Management Act or the Mineral Resources Act. Our expertise ranges from infrastructure projects (line infrastructure and aviation) to the remediation of former operating facilities of trade and industry.

We also advise citizens and citizen’s initiatives on issues of environmental information, in the field of immission control (air pollutants and noise) and in civil environmental and neighbor law.

It is important to us that the interests of the company applying for a permit can be implemented in harmony with the interests of environmental protection – only sustainable, responsible economic activity can ensure long-term economic prosperity. Environment and economy are not opposites.