Business and Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Law are among our main practice areas.

In the course of company formations, we advise on the choice of the appropriate legal form of the company and on all issues related to the company formation, including the structuring of groups of companies with the involvement of foreign legal entities (if applicable), and take the necessary steps for implementation in consultation with the client.

The daily demands of business life, from renting business premises to questions in the area of commercial law, labor law and employee management, to the drafting of complex cross-border contracts, including general terms and conditions, are a natural part of this area of responsibility.

We advise and represent in all areas of public commercial law, in trade and regulatory law, in questions of access to professional licenses, on the occasion of the establishment, operation and decommissioning of business facilities, in industrial subsidies and grants, and provide support in negotiations with public authorities – also in appeals.

Our field of activity also covers questions of coping with company crises as well as the orderly winding up (liquidation) of a company, but also comprehensive arrangements for company succession.

In the SME-sector, our tasks include the optimal structuring as well as planning and implementation of mergers & acquisitions, support and advice during contract negotiations, due diligence reviews and post-acquisition measures as well as reorganizations and restructurings.

Finally, our field of activity also comprises the protection of know-how, of patents, trademarks and other intellectual property, as well as general competition and antitrust law, inter alia in connection with license agreements, mergers, technology transfer agreements, franchises and other distribution forms and ties under Austrian and European law.